Job opportunity

People always challenge for achieving their ambitious dreams in their life. One of the most significant goals to reach is career goal. Great workplace can help individuals to accomplish this subject easier and faster.
Mammut Khodro is looking for boosting its power by hiring talented, smart, and skillful people. We believe all intelligent and capable people in Iran are part of our community, and we will be more successful with their support.
If you like to be part of our team, Please complete the below application form.


Dealership request

General Requirements:

- 1300 m² landed property including: 800 m² workshop, 350 m² showroom with the height of 6m and 120 m² Spare parts warehouse
- Ability of investing determined amount of money which is announced by the Company
- Entering to a formal contract which is prepared by the company
- Ability of buying determined amount of spare parts
- Dealership will be granted only to a company (not a person)

Requirements & documents:

- Filled dealership granting request form
- Original and a copy of company constitution
- 3 pieces of 3*4 photo
- Original and a copy of national id card
- An official copy of military service card
- Related official trade permit
- Official letter of background check
- Business License of sales and after sales
- Tenement Lease contract or bill of ownership
- AutoCAD plan of the property
- City map
- Aerial map
- Creditworthy document
- A certified check or a sale commitment

To receive the form, please send your request to below address: